Calling Don Draper

Many years ago, I took a humor writing class in New York City. It was one of the most rigorous, challenging classes I’ve taken. (And for those who don’t know, I was a biochem major.)

Unfortunately, I’m not really quick enough on the draw to have ever developed even a freelance sideline in the genre, but one of the main lessons about the construction of humor—that the punch line is where you twist or challenge the expectations you arranged in your set up—stuck with me.

I was reminded of that when reading about the condescending responses from the Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center to members who called them to complain about their recent ad campaign. Continue reading

Dads, Daughters, and Dating

I was in my local Stewart’s convenience store a few years ago when I heard a guy, in the hearing of his teenage daughter, telling someone else that his daughter “wasn’t allowed to date until she’s 30.” Memes go by from people I generally respect saying things like “Guns don’t kill people. Fathers with beautiful daughters kill people” or “Dads Against Daughters Dating. Shoot the first one and word will spread.” Continue reading