Rise Again

“This is all because of Joe McCarthy.” John McCutcheon, folk musician and songwriter extraordinaire, was on the stage at Proctors Sunday night. He was talking about the network of folk venues and series like our own Eighth Step, which is now housed at Proctors, and which was hosting a release concert for Rise Again, the sequel songbook to Rise Up Singing, the venerable 1200-song, tiny-print, words-and-chords only songbook that has enabled thousands of groups of people to sing together over the past 25 years.

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The Song of the Very Straight Men

—To the tune of “Away, Away With Rum” (the Song of the Temperance Union)

We never wear kilts, ’cause kilts are like drag
And one little swish turns a man to a fag
Can you imagine a deeper despair . . .
Than a man who went gay ’cause he wanted some air?

No way, no way we’re gay. No way!
No way we’re gay. No way we’re gay.
No way, no way we’re gay. No way!
And we’ll tell whoever will listen.
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