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Chapbook: noun (1798), A small book containing ballads, poems, tales, or tracts.

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One Turning: Poems for the Wheel of the Year
Wheel of the Year drawing

A collection of eight poems for the changing seasons, tied to the eight neo-pagan sabbats—Yule, Imbolc, Ostata, Beltane, Midsummer, Lunasa, Mabon, and Samhain.

Packing to Stay
April 2005

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Table of Contents

New York Notebook

I Take a Walk in Order to Shrink
The Seventh Day Shall Be a Sabbath
Watching Flight
Dispatch from New York: To Whom it May Concern
Back to Normal
Bad Day
Like a Magic Penny
Orchards of New York City
Subway Escalator
January Moment
Meadowlands, Winter
1:30 AM, Home to Brooklyn
Flower Shop

Because It Is Good

Paper Trail
Passing You in the Hall a Week After the Women’s Sensual Gathering
Remembering Popcorn
Mission Dolores
Decaying Moral Fabric
Weather Talk
Saved by the Word
Theory into Practice
Which One’s the Boy?
100 Percent Queer
What I Mean by Peace
Making Space
Packing to Stay

Souls Like Mockingbirds

$5, $1 shipping

Table of Contents

December Rose
Local History Lessons
Letter-writing in an Age of Email
Keeping House
Living Close Together
Pro-Choice Poem for Christmas
They Never Call It Rape
Genie from a Bottle
Miriam Cast Out
Prayer for the Evangelist on the B Train
For the Gay Man Who Asked Me If I Was Attracted to Butch Women
Wade in the Water
An Argument Against Exercise
Apartment Heat
Closets of Children
Tomato Soup
Souls Like Mockingbirds