I have worked in journalism/writing/editing in one form or another since 1997. Currently I edit (and sometimes write for) Shelterforce magazine, an independent national nonprofit magazine covering issues of concern for those who work to improve low-income communities and support those who live in them.

I have also been an alt-weekly news editor, freelance book & journal editor, freelance writer, and parenting blogger; this means that along the way I have written everything from policy reports and briefing papers to breaking news, political opinion, humor, and service-oriented pieces. (And that’s not counting the poetry.) I have particular bees in my bonnet about urban issues, housing, racial justice, parenting, and sex/sexuality, but that is by no means an exhaustive list.

My biweekly column, Looking Up, ran for almost 12 years in the NY Capital Region’s alt-weekly, until the paper folded in November 2015. It won first place for best column in the national 2006 AltWeekly Awards. I have brought some of the archive over to this site, and may post more in the future.

I also founded the Sex-Positive Journalism Awards in 2006. They were wonderful, and ran for a couple of years, but were a lot of work, and are sadly defunct. If anyone wants to take on resurrecting them sometime with my help, let me know.