I Have a Column Again!

[[Update: The Alt is also no more, alas. Catch me at Shelterforce.]]

Hi everyone! I started blogging sporadically here when Albany’s alt-weekly Metroland closed down at the end of 2015. I also started uploading my archive of almost 12 years of biweekly columns for them (tagged Looking Up), though I haven’t finished.

However, last November, much to my delight, a new weekly paper, The Alt, started up, and I am privileged enough to be writing for them again, in much the same way as I did for Metroland—every two weeks, on roughly whatever I want.

I’ll still post here sometimes with things that are too niche for the paper (like the contra dance post), and sometimes to give some commentary/extra thoughts/etc. on my columns. (I hope to keep loading my older columns so they exist somewhere, especially the ones that were not time-sensitive.)

But if you don’t want to miss a current column, I suggest you follow The Alt (@thealtweekly), or my Twitter (@miriam_mjoy). I also blog periodically on things to do with the community development world at Shelterforce’s blog (my awesome day job!).

Here’s the round up of my Alt columns since November:

Speak up, nonprofits!

8 Reasons to Stop Moralizing About Peaceful Protest

Let Go of Contempt

Jobs May Be Going Away, but Work Isn’t

These Things Can All Be True

I’m Not Waiting to Register

It Doesn’t Matter if Your Neighborhood Is Going to Gentrify

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