8 Reasons Kinksters Make Better Vanilla Lovers

A spray painted black-and-white picture on a high concrete wall of a dominatrix leading someone by a leash

It can be a grand disappointment for many folks whose sexual interests run to the vanilla to hear that a promising romantic prospect spends time in the BDSM world. They tend to fear that said person will only ever want kinky play and nothing else.

Now, for sure, there are people for whom that is true. Two people can be far enough apart on the vanilla to kink spectrum to just not be sexually compatible, and that’s best respected for everyone involved.

But not everyone who knows what to do in a dungeon is only happy if there’s BDSM involved in their sex play every single time.

That doesn’t mean that that experience doesn’t influence the rest of their sex lives, however. It’s just, generally, in my opinion, that it influences them for the better.

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