Dry Detroit

Water is a human right: Even the much beleagured CEO of Nestle, who has been accused of trying to privatize the water resources of poor communities for the benefit of its bottled-water profits, officially agrees. He told the Guardian in 2013:

“This human right is the five litres of water we need for our daily hydration and the 25 litres we need for minimum hygiene. . . This amount of water is the primary responsibility of every government to make available to every citizen of this world.”

It’s not the most inspiring statement: everyone should have the bare minimum and we can profit off the rest?

And yet, in Detroit today, he’d sound like a radical. Continue reading

Making Reparations

I bought my house with the help of a downpayment from my parents. My parents got help to buy their house from my father’s parents. At the time when my father’s parents bought their house, a black family in most of America could not have gotten a traditional mortgage, certianly not an FHA-insured one, no matter how credit worthy, and probably could not have purchased in the neighborhood they did.

I am a direct beneficiary of explicitly racist government policies and the pervasive white violence that supported and surrounded them. Continue reading